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Indesit 7kg


Washing machine drums come in different sizes, ranging from 6kg to 12kg. The drum size relates to how much laundry you can fit inside at one time, so the bigger the drum, the more you can wash. This model has a 7kg drum, which is an ideal size to keep up with the demands of a medium-sized household.

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Have more time for you, with Indesit’s quick, everyday cycles.  Each MyTime cycle takes under an hour to complete and there are 6 everyday washes to choose from, including coloured cotton, mixed fabrics and synthetics. There are a wide range of specialist washes to choose from, including a Sports Shoes programme that uses lower temperatures and a slow spin speed to keep your running shoes in tip-top condition. It has a 7kg drum and an A++ energy rating, so it’s ideal for a medium sized household and it’s economical too.